The case for using the iPhone X without a case

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IPHONE X, the most expensive Apple smartphone has never made, no doubt an aesthetic miracle, from the chrome colors of rounded corners and reflective back cover glass to the elliptical vertical camera module. Regardless of your thoughts about the annoying inscription, the phone itself also feels great to hold in your hand. It has a certain weighted feel to it, unlike past models, giving the gadget the feeling of an upscale set of poker chips or a riotous business card made from an excessively heavy stock.
A screen that extends to all four corners without a display without a display comes to life in such a pleasant and stunning manner that you can understand why the user experience designers probably spent weeks, if not months, on this delicate activation moment. The iPhone X is extravagant and stupid in all respects, as it should by right be a $ 1,000 smartphone.
For all these reasons it seems that this is a crime to put the matter on the device. And yet I've been doing this for the last four months. I owned the iPhone X from October, when it was first shipped. I quickly put on it a brown leather case of Apple, which elegantly aged out of primordial caramel color in the form of oil paint from brown and black. By all means, this is a nice appearance and a suitable cover for the phone.
But this is still not entirely true. Since at the moment when I take the iPhone out of its case, it becomes more elegant. With the open edges of the screen, and the rear of the glass is more tangible, you can easily feel the skill and quality of a device of this caliber.
Of course, the argument in favor of using a consumer electronics device costing $ 1000 without a security system is as economical as emotional. With the replacement of a $ 279 screen and a fix for the shattered rear panel running under $ 549, the iPhone X is a ticking time bomb ready to destroy part of your salary. With AppleCare, prices have dropped significantly to $ 29 for screen replacement and $ 99 for everything else that can go wrong. However, AppleCare itself costs 199 dollars for two years.
In this respect, I myself am a bit biased. I bought the iPhone X via the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program, which costs a little more per month than the standard telecommunications lease plan, but comes with AppleCare. But I'm not very pleased to break this phone, as for the huge inconveniences and waste of resources associated with the destructive glass and metal tooth - all this essentially corresponds to the selfish preference that was granted to me only by the privileged position of AppleCare.
Nevertheless, there is an argument in favor of the fact that these devices, especially Apple smartphones, are best understood in their finished form. Our culture of the stigma of screening and the obsessive guarantee of paranoia, as well as the absolute ubiquity and marketing prowess of the mobile accessories industry made it very easy to forget that it was someone's job to test the aesthetics of the X phone. For so many days, weeks and months, and so many times they are lost in the direction of an increasingly shrinking part of people who feel comfortable not shutting their phones in polycarbonate with a high impact.
We use our phones every day, every day, hours and hours, as well as in a variety of non-standard activities and environments - from bike rides to dance floors to the subway. Thus, it became easy to think of these devices as simultaneously delicate and disposable, objects that, in our opinion, we should have the freedom to be careless, and yet we are still afraid of disgust. But this is a release to treat your smartphone with a level of care proportional to its role in your life, and to be able to enjoy the device, because it was designed, not by the whims of Otterboks, Spieghen, Jetzha and in the endlessly stripped of brand names Amazon.
So, starting this week, I took off the Apple iPhone case with Apple. I still carry it with me and leave it on my desk or in my bag as a security measure against my fears for a cracked screen or a scratched microphone grille. I'll see if this eventually turns out to be such a stupid solution, because it can feel like without a vestibule over the asphalt and risk the fact that it's hard to pick up the glass. But, at least, I will return this business when I ride a bike - I'm not that stupid.