The Flying Batbot Is Seriously Awesome

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Regardless of whether you are talking about robot dogs, robotic robots or trenches-robots, imitating and adapting the designs of nature, often leads to a better design. The company on industrial automation Festo has thoroughly studied this lesson. He developed robotic butterflies, kangaroos, ants, and now a robotic bat:
The robot is officially called Bionic Flying Fox. It has a light frame, a custom membrane for the wings and uses machine learning for flight semi-autonomously. The robot relies on a transmission system and engines to provide flying capacity and steering. The wings themselves are made of two airtight films and knitted elastane fabric that stitches together more than 40,000 points, which makes these wings light and durable.
It is unlikely that this particular robot will ever see any commercial applications, but this is a good demonstration of the state of robotics at the moment. With just a few simple materials, you can build a sophisticated flying machine that successfully simulates the flight style in which animals have evolved over millions of years.