PS4 Software Update 5.00 can now be downloaded. Download, broadcast and more

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An updated version of Sony PS4, 5.00 (codename: Nobunaga) is now available for download. Unlike previous reports, you can change your PSN ID or not allow PS1 to play games.
It added new features that did not require updates. These include Twitch on 1080 pixels per second and 60 frames per second, including team battles and enhanced messages.
The first is quite clear, but the team's competition allows other teams to compete and make friends. He is supporting "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End", Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, "Tank of the World" and "Mantis Burn Racing." According to Sony,
Additionally, if you send a message to a PSN containing a link, the message will be shown in the form preset with your name and picture.
Even though they have some features in the PS4 5.00 function, however, other small functions are available for any user on the PSN. It was previously limited to secure accounts, such as Sony Shuhei Yoshida.
"It allows you to track content creators, game shows and other players without the list of friends, while allowing users to increase their capacity and increase their interest." "Your new channel" will update to reflect the user's activity, so you can easily follow what you're doing, "Sony said.