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Equipped with a predetermined orientation of a 20-liter tanker for fertilizers and pesticides, sprinkle with agricultural yields.
This is not the same as the new technology that replaced the old agricultural equipment. Some of these branches are broadcast for the first time.
"We plant crops that weren't scattered before,” said Navalil, a former company behind the court, Hylio.
"This is a big opportunity for the pilot."
Access to the site allows pilots to travel to countries where tractors and aircraft are difficult. It is expected that Navratil Gu will increase by 10%.
Currently, working with farmers in El Salvador is based on lawsuits, but Helio has a lot to do. Navratil said that one team can serve 40 hectares in the morning - 40 international rugby fields.
He quickly saw how quickly diabetes can grow to 20 m (6 m) or more when taking fertilizer.
Physiologists breed on flying farms to optimize the optimal use of plants, fertilizers, pesticides and fungi. This is due to the possibility of spraying a certain amount of GPS on certain areas.
One farmer in South Africa recently stated that using a pilot reduced the use of pesticides on his farm by 30%.
The effectiveness of these improvements can lead to reduced damage to the environment from the use of pests and excessive use of fertilizers, such as reducing biodiversity and reducing water pollution after rain.
In developing countries, this is very interesting for pilots in a world of competitive markets. For example, the Philippines can use vegetable farms on 5,000 hectares to test aircraft.
A few years ago, researchers from the IHS Markit Research Institute Stelios Kotakis and his colleagues expected that by 2017 about 400,000 aircraft would belong to agriculture and forestry.
"According to our research, this number was close,” he says.
Technologists believe that companies can improve their productivity through their own management system. Among them are PrecisionHawk and Airinov in France.
For Eirinov, multi-saturated chambers are used to analyze the absorption of nitrogen at certain stages of planned agriculture at the growth rate of Zadokov.
This helps farmers develop the best time to grow and develop the best time in the most important areas, so it loses valuable resources.
According to the company, large agricultural cooperatives in France grew by 10% on Ocealia.
Many radio sensors are capable of detecting invisible waves, such as UV radiation and UV radiation. It is also possible to detect visible light and malnutrition, to detect pests and water scarcity.
Although Drone can be automated, people need planes, programs and services, as well as added value. However, airplanes are more interested in developing countries with emerging markets.
"Countries with less expensive labor are located in countries where the United States and the United Kingdom are more widely used,” said Simless, Philip Simard.
However, other items are also shown in the picture. In a recent project in Brazil, a plant degradation system was used and a problem was identified.
Although such promising research remains to be undertaken, there is convincing evidence that air travel has been proven by Bruce Andron, a world-renowned agronomist from Purdue University in Indiana.