Hole repair holes discovered by GM and Michelin

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Prepare for the wind? Michelin and General Motors are powered by 2024 bicycles with environmentally friendly bicycles and are environmentally sound. Is it possible to tire better, better in the environment, and reduce the danger on the road? In fact, it sounds almost too good.
General Motors (GM) and Michelin did the same thing and made a round-air tire.
This bike will be called Uptis and will be built in 2024. "Tailgate System"
As the Uptis calls it more simply, as the first ever Movin'On summit, the goal of the traditional wheel and wheel is to create a complete re-creation of a stable animation in 2017, so it is used as a part of a complete replacement passenger . machine
The GM plan will be tested at the end of this year at the Bolt Electic Vehicles (EVs) in Michigan. The general efficiency of the flat tire is the use of low-emission, energy production, rolling pore holes, and reduced damage due to excessive wear or disassembly due to the use of excessive wear and flat skates.
Association: MARKETING SERVICES This is in 3D indoor air
A total of 200 million tonnes of grain has been harvested annually by General Electric.
This is a very large number of wheels.
Why did not we think about it before?
Michelin had a Tweel system since 2005. Uptis is a ready-made version of the Tweel system. In addition, in 2014, Michelin has not introduced its $ 50 million new plant. Currently, Tweel is manufactured and used for non-passenger vehicles, such as construction equipment and agricultural equipment.
There will be Uptis tickets for people who can not travel on bigger cars. In addition, Michelin believes that these missiles are free of air-tires, and from today on they will feel completely different air.
What has not yet been revealed is the cost of the tire system and the type of vehicle you are working with.
Currently, we are talking about only vehicles and vehicles that are hired by no air traffic. Therefore, we may need to wait more before the cost of the consumer.