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    Equipped with a predetermined orientation of a 20-liter tanker for fertilizers and pesticides, sprinkle with agricultural yields. This is not the same as the new technology that replaced the old [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsDecember 28, 2018

PS4 Software Update 5.00 can now be downloaded. Download, broadcast and more

    An updated version of Sony PS4, 5.00 (codename: Nobunaga) is now available for download. Unlike previous reports, you can change your PSN ID or not allow PS1 to play games. [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsNovember 12, 2018

The Flying Batbot Is Seriously Awesome

    Regardless of whether you are talking about robot dogs, robotic robots or trenches-robots, imitating and adapting the designs of nature, often leads to a better design. [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsNovember 12, 2018

Japanese investors dump record amount of U.S. bonds in February

    TOKYO (Reuters) - In late February, Japanese investors sold US dollar bonds, lowering the risk of foreign exchange rates, buying euro bond purchases, and issuing government bonds on Monday. [...]
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  The company, which distributed images of 3D print on firearms, blocked the online ban on the sale of flash drives on file storage. The model was available for free download, but US judges were temporarily [...]
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The Best Dash Cams 2

  Dash cameras should have the latest car to British drivers. Motorists now have HD recordings of the vehicle's "scratches", while Dash cameras provide peace of mind for drivers who want to prevent fraud, but have [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsJuly 15, 2018

DJI Goggles your Drone and direct your camera using his movements

  Yes, you can turn VR into a mobile controller to attack the headphones. The problem is that a large number of people are required to write code, so they can not do it. DJI wants Goggles to connect this bridge. [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsJuly 15, 2018

This Tiny Turbine can charge your USB Gadget by Wind and River Stream.

  Small solar panels are capable of recharging all smaller devices during outdoor operation. But as you do such things, you want a little bit of a rectangular plate under the sun. You may find Waterlily Micro [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsMay 19, 2018

This jet engine provides the most absurd coffee maker for your kitchen

    No, this is not a real jet engine. I mean, what the hell is with your kitchen? Instead, Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100 is a coffee machine that borrows its aesthetics from military jet engines, so you can [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsMay 19, 2018

CHiP simplifies baking cookies in a quick and dead business

    Does Easy-Bake Oven make sense for adults? We do not know. However, if you want to bake a cookie without the actual oven in the kitchen, the CHiP Smart Cookie should help in this regard. Countertop for [...]