NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsJuly 15, 2018

DJI Goggles your Drone and direct your camera using his movements

  Yes, you can turn VR into a mobile controller to attack the headphones. The problem is that a large number of people are required to write code, so they can not do it. DJI wants Goggles to connect this bridge. [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsJuly 15, 2018

This Tiny Turbine can charge your USB Gadget by Wind and River Stream.

  Small solar panels are capable of recharging all smaller devices during outdoor operation. But as you do such things, you want a little bit of a rectangular plate under the sun. You may find Waterlily Micro [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsMay 19, 2018

This jet engine provides the most absurd coffee maker for your kitchen

    No, this is not a real jet engine. I mean, what the hell is with your kitchen? Instead, Aviatore Veloce Turbojet 100 is a coffee machine that borrows its aesthetics from military jet engines, so you can [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsMay 19, 2018

CHiP simplifies baking cookies in a quick and dead business

    Does Easy-Bake Oven make sense for adults? We do not know. However, if you want to bake a cookie without the actual oven in the kitchen, the CHiP Smart Cookie should help in this regard. Countertop for [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsMay 19, 2018

Kopis STK combines titanium and steel for a super-heavy urban multifunctional function

  No, you do not need another multi-instrument. However, if you value the value of a well thought out multi-instrument, you will definitely find Kopis STK of special interest. Short for a sliding tool and [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsMay 19, 2018

With a vertical plate, a floating record makes the vinyl a completely new experience

For some reason, vinyl records are again on the rise, with the release of new players, recorders and accessories. Nevertheless, despite the new interest in the format, we still play them using the same boring [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsMarch 30, 2018

Parrot the diesel wheeled racing rumble with lights

  Your day or night racing Let's face it, you're a busy man. You may not always be able to cut time in your day for the thrill of a good race of Gul. In Parrot Diesel, two LED headlamps are built, so you can [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsMarch 30, 2018

Anker eufy genie the most affordable speaker Alexa-Powered out there

 We are big fans of Echo Dot from Amazon, which for the longest time was the cheapest way to bring Alexa to your house with a price of $ 50. Now this has changed with the help of Anker Eufy Genue, the bass analog [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / Reviews / MobileMarch 30, 2018

iPhone X to Be Key Global Smartphone Sales Driver in 2018: Gartner.

 As the anticipation for the iPhone X has reached new levels despite its premium price, Apple is actively working to fulfil the demand. But in the midst of the tough time for the iPhone maker, Gartner has brought [...]
NEWS / NEW TECHNOLOGY / ReviewsMarch 30, 2018

obot Joins Dubai police force to fight real life crime.

 A robotic policeman which can help identify wanted criminals and collect evidence has joined Dubai's police force and will patrol busy areas in the city, as part of a government programme aimed at replacing some [...]